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If you're searching for real estate forms or other common legal documents, your search is over

I'm currently searching for the best legal and real estate forms service and might have found one. I'm investigating it and hope to know soon if I'm comfortable recommending it to guests. So, stay tuned.

You will need real estate forms if you're attempting to sell privately, or if you plan to buy privately. Or if you plan to lease a home, as either the lessee or lessor. The following are the most used in the province. If you're searching for legal forms in another jurisdiction, I invite you to see the section near the bottom of this page.

Before venturing into your project, to make fully informed choices, I invite you to explore this knowledge-based site further to learn the ins and outs of selling and/or buying without a professional real estate agent, or with one.

If you have any questions or comments, I invite you to contact me. After a highly successful 44-year career as a broker, manager, trainer and mentor, I retired to enjoy the fruits of my labour. But after a life of service, I find it difficult to stop. Thus, I created this website to continue assisting people, although at a much more leisurely pace.

If you want to learn even more about trading in real estate, check out one of my books, The Happy Agent, or The Happy Home Seller, available virtually everywhere print and/or e-books are sold. For more details, I invite you to click the link in the right column.

If you need a legal form for another purpose, kindly continue reading.

Create the legal documents you need in minutes with LawDepot, the leading publisher of do-it-yourself legal documents since 2001. They provide legal forms for Canada, The United States, Australia and The United Kingdom. Customers will find over a 100 customizable documents for real estate, estate planning,  family, finance and business. Legal documents are developed by their in-house team of lawyers who ensure all easy-to-use forms are current and adhere to the legal requirements within each jurisdiction.

Kindly be advised that the host of may receive a small commission from LawDepot as compensation for your usage of their forms.

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