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This knowledge-based website offers a wealth of of practical advice on the home buying and selling process. For dependable answers to common questions about the real estate market, I invite you to visit my home buying guide and simply click one or more questions for reliable explanations.

I've been asked all sorts of questions and come across almost every scenario imaginable during my successful 2+ decade real estate career. Coming from a real estate family, with a Broker for a dad who had a hand in creating this webiste, we have a lot of knowledge to share. We've done our best to share everything we've learned. If we've missed anything, please let me know and I'll try to provide you with an answer. In the meantime, I invite you to stay awhile to explore this site. You'll find ...

Practical Home Buying Advice

... that will come in handy when you're buying a house (or selling a house). For those of you who prefer to watch rather than read, I plan to upload audio and/or video clips offering candid advice about the home buying process. 

If you prefer to expand your knowledge even more, check out Ross' book The Happy Agent. Though written to help professional realty agents improve their skills, it will also serve as a great resource for both home buyers and sellers interested in learning more about the buying and selling process - with or without an agent. It contains the sum total of the real estate knowledge, philosophies and techniques that he accumulated, practiced and polished during a highly successful 43+ year realty career.

This easy-read book, including its numerous home buying tips, will teach you what to look out for, whether seeking city, suburban or rural real estate, what to expect from and ask your agent, how to successfully negotiate an offer and more. The loads of information within its pages will help you make a thoroughly informed decision.

When spending big money, it's smart to make informed choices. A small investment of your time could save you thousands of dollars and a ton of stress. Remember - knowledge is power.

Available virtually everywhere print and e-books are sold.

Here are some of the many topics and home buying tips covered on this website and, in more detail, in Ross' book:

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How can I find a good agent to protect my interests?

How do I sell privately without an agent?

How much can I realistically afford to spend?

What type of home fits my wants and needs?

Is condo life right for me?

What are the pros and cons of buying a brand new home vs a resale?

What are the differences between buying a rural, suburban and city home?

What's involved in buying land and building a custom home?

Should I consider buying a fixer-upper or investment property?

Should I rent or buy?

Which should I do first - buy or sell?

What expenses and closing costs should I expect when buying a home?

Any advantages for me to buy a power-of-sale or foreclosed property?

What happens behind the scenes during a home search?

What does an agent actually do for me and what's the cost?

What is Buyer Agency and how does it benefit me?

How can I find my dream home without stress?

How can I successfully negotiate an Agreement of Purchase and Sale?

What should I know about bidding wars?

What are the ins and outs of buying a home?

Real estate terms and terminology explained

Handy moving tips

And much, much more

Learn all sorts of other important things about searching for a home - whether a first timer seeking home buying tips or a seasoned veteran before you begin.

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