The Happy Home Seller

How to Sell Your Home Privately
or Find a Good Agent

Are you interested in learning how to sell your home privately to save tens of thousands in real estate commission? Or would you like to know how to find and hire a reliable realty agent?

For Sale By Owner Guide

The Happy Home Seller is a must-read for anyone contemplating a private or brokerage-facilitated sale of their city, suburban or rural home or condo. An insightful resource for consumers curious about the ins and outs of selling real property, this book is your personal expert guide through a risky and what can sometimes be a complex process. Though written by a veteran Canadian real estate broker, the fundamental principles described are applicable virtually anywhere in the civilized world. Why? Because it’s all about human relationships.

The author has created an easy-read digest of the extensive knowledge and experience that blessed him with a rewarding 44-year career in an industry that notably decries a very high attrition rate. Whether you plan a private sale, completely alone or with a private home-marketing service, or you prefer to find and hire a skilled and reliable agent, the advice you’ll find in this book could make the difference between a great sale and no sale.

Get answers to popular questions such as:

  1. What’s the best way to market my home?
  2. Should I go private or hire a brokerage?
  3. Should I buy or sell first?
  4. What expenses and fees should I expect?
  5. How can I find and hire a good agent?
  6. How do I determine market value?
  7. How should I prepare my home?
  8. What’s the best listing strategy?
  9. How should I advertise?
  10. How do I hold a great open house?
  11. How do I show my own home?
  12. How do I close a buyer, and when?
  13. How do I negotiate an offer?
  14. How do I create a bidding war?
  15. And much more.

Designed as a guiding compass for homeowners wanting to maximize their sale price, minimize their expenses and obtain a sale in the shortest period of time with or without an agent, The Happy Home Seller may also nudge you down a new path of self-discovery towards the achievement of an enriched, harmonious life of love, joy and abundance.

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About the Author
The Happy Home Seller

Ross Wilson‘s first inclination to write emerged at the tender age of 10 when he penned a little boy’s adventure story. To him, it was exciting stuff. But it was a decade later before his skills were officially recognized when, while attending Sheridan College, he was awarded the Archdeacon W.P. Robertson Prize in English. Since then, he has regularly contributed to magazines and Real Estate Monthly (REM), a national trade newspaper, and enjoyed a sojourn as a columnist with a small town newspaper. Also amongst his accomplishments was the successful publication of The Happy Agent, a version of this book, dedicated to helping real estate agents achieve success in the business. It was awarded #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

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