The Happy Agent
and Table of Contents

Finding Harmony with a Thriving Realty Career and an Enriched Personal Life


The Happy Agent Preface Convergence and Emergence


 Chapter 1 The Way We Were

Evolution or Devolution?; Belly to Belly

Chapter 2 – People or Pecuniary?

Cloaked in Confusion;  Consistency and Persistency; Terms of Enslavement; Real Real Estate Agents

Chapter 3 – R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Call Me Disappointed; Self-Respect = Power

Chapter 4 – Your Money

Rich Man – Poor Man; Familial Bails; Grooming Consuming; Falling Down; Cache of Cash; Analyze and Channelize; Sinning and Losing

Chapter 5 – Plans and Intentions

Plan Your Work – Work Your Plan; Goals and Roles; SWAMIE; Toward – Not Away; Intention Attention; Attitude and Gratitude; Mission Statement

Chapter 6 – A Peace of Time

Managing Time;  Balance Bogosity;  Life Supports;  Priority Clarity;  About Choice; Highest & Best Use

Chapter 7 – Communication and Obfuscation

Clarity or Ambiguity; The Art of Conversation; Kinesics; Ear to Hear; Wandering, Catching and Engaging; Realty Fealty

Chapter 8 – One Agent: Commanding Loyalty

Human Doing or Human Being; Purely Prognosticating; Trust and Commitment; BRA Comfort; Courage and Competence


Chapter 9 Seeking Prospects

Warm Calling; Farming and Charming; Scripts Tips; Mass Mailers; Door-Knockers;  Seminal Seminars;  Tired Expireds;  Write it Right;  Roller Coaster

Chapter 10 – Fizzbo

            Luck and Happenstance; Alternative Considerations

Chapter 11 – Espousing Open Housing

To Have and To Hold; Opportunity Knocks; Hear Ye, Hear Ye!; Limited Entry; Registration; Bond or Bomb; Close and Propose

Chapter 12 – Fees, Commissions and Discounting

The Third Shoe; Meddling Media; Surmounting Discounting; Risky Business; Commission Impossible; Industrial Evolution; Dearth of Worth; Buyer Agency; Dual Duel; Commission Conundrum; Mediate or Advocate

Chapter 13 – Callers, Clients and Prospects Oh My!

Ad and Switch; Fishing and Wishing; Trading Information

Chapter 14 – New or Used?

Soup Can; A Different Animal; Nearly New

Chapter 15 – Challenging Clients: Love ‘em or Leave ‘em?

Triggers & Rigors; Conflict Resolution; Certainty & the Closed Mind; Retain or Refrain

Chapter 16 – Kith and Kin

Connections and Affections; Holding or Folding; Meets and Boundaries; Sew Quid Pro Quo

Chapter 17 – Buy or Sell First?

Buy First; Sell First; The Great Swap

Chapter 18 – Investor: To Be or Not to Be?

Introspect Before Inspect; The Plan, Stan; Flip-Hip or Flip-Flop; Regression, Progression and Substitution; The Long Winding Road; ROI

Chapter 19 – Bidding Wars: Win or Walk?

Feeding Frenzy Afoot; Ministration, Deliberation and Orchestration; Big Bad Bully

Chapter 20 – Concrete or Cornfields?

Bright Lights, Bright Stars; Do the Due; Lots and Land; Needs and Feeds; Permits and Planning; The Offer; Sensational Recreational; Before Listing

Chapter 21 – Ups and Downs

The Money, Honey; Status Certificate; Moving In

Chapter 22 – Losing It

Possessed; Same Difference; Definitely Maybe; Risk Redemption; No Promises

Chapter 23 – Getting To It

Nurturing Neophyte; EEE; Dubious Maximus; Background Busy; Let the Show Begin; Aunt Ethyl and Uncle Harry; Intuition Volition; Cold Feet; On to Offer; Contract Cruxes; Predilection for Protection

Chapter 24 Proffer an Offer: Techniques and Methodology

Negotiation Innovation; The Dance; Absentee Agents; Wrong & Right Way; The Reading; Silence Alliance; Question Period; Hot Iron; CAR; Fleet of Foot; Commission Accomplished; Fairness in Balance; Ping Pong; The Extra Mile

Chapter 25 – A Manner of Closing

A Desire to Act; Trial with a Smile; Groom to Assume; Take Away; Puppy Dog; Focus-Pocus

Chapter 26 – Presentation Persuasion: Winning the Listing

Educated Guessing; Arrange a Range; The Consultation; Wishful Thinking; The Gist of List; List or Sell?; The Perfect Storm; Realty Reality

Chapter 27 – Daddy-More-Bucks

Bees & Butterflies; Renovate & Elevate; Care to Prepare; Cloak of Invisibility

Chapter 28 – The Tough Listing

Blame Game; Annoyed or Anointed; Stimulate – Not Satisfy; ADOM; Stale to Sale; Gauge and Restage; Re-list Trickery; The Big Buffer

Chapter 29 – The Lingo


Chapter 30 – Who Are You? Who, Who?

A Short Long Story; Face in the Jar; Heart Afore Head; The Mirror Reflex; Intro or Extro; Unification of Opposites; Analysis Paralysis; PIP

Chapter 31 – Happy Faces

Crappy to Happy; End of Ego; Dancer and the Dance; The Great Pretender; Resolution Road

Chapter 32 Believing is Seeing

Possibilities; Limiting Beliefs; A Child Learns; Self-Actualization; Involution to Evolution; Teaching by Trial

Chapter 33 – Thoughts are Things

Speedy Thoughts; You Think; They Think; So Within – So Without; Thought Power; Attention to Intention; Matter Doesn’t Matter; Mediocrity to Magnificence

Chapter 34 – Evolutionary Changes

Convergence of Faiths; The Illusion of Separateness; The Universe is Us; The Law of Attraction; Down the Rabbit Hole; Choice Points; Brake Failure

Chapter 35 Awareness

Reflections; Consciousness; Fish in Water

Chapter 36 – Relief in Belief

A Paradigm Shift; Wander in Wonder; WOW in NOW; Coincidence or Serendipity; The Greatest Lie Ever Told; Plain Living and High Thinking

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The Happy Agent Preface

“If you want to be successful, it's just this simple; know what you are doing, love what you are doing and believe in what you are doing.” Will Rogers

 Convergence and Emergence

The idea of writing this book was unconsciously birthed decades ago. And since that first breath, it continued to gestate. While plying my trade, when I happened to cross paths with another agent who I felt could have performed better professionally, as their closet mentor, I wrote a guest column addressing the topic for our national trade newspaper, Real Estate Monthly (REM). Response from across the country was always swift and encouraging. In recent years, it dawned on me that I possessed the rudiments of a self-help guide for new agents and anyone generally interested in real estate. Even veteran agents keen to move their practice in a new direction might find inspiration within these pages. Thus, I decided to commence the Herculean effort to consolidate these still applicable articles with numerous other business and life experiences into a composition which I hope, dear reader, you’ll find informative, inspirational and entertaining. It’s my way of giving back to an industry that has richly rewarded me and my family for over 40 years.

Now that my golden years have arrived on schedule, I can honestly say that for the most part, I’ve enjoyed the voyage. And for the times I didn’t, I’m grateful to and have forgiven those who contributed to the adverse circumstances under which I learned a few tough lessons. Not only has creating this digest made me feel good in the knowing that others may benefit from my experiences, it has also proven highly cathartic for me. The necessary introspection has helped further crystallize my own genuine identity, and I trust it will help you do the same. It has also provided me with a platform to briefly express some controversial opinions on the current state of our industry and the world in general, with the occasional political, sociological or economic rant thrown into the mix. And to emphasize certain elements of my narrative, I also sprinkled in some mythical tales and personal life stories.

Conceived to be a convergence of two streams of thought material and spiritual the business information and personal anecdotes herein are the compilation of a lifetime of experience, study, observation, discernment and critical independent thought. The subtle merging of these streams has richly contributed to my life in ways I never fully anticipated when more than two score years ago, I obtained my government real estate registration. And from this merging has emerged a lovely pool of accomplishments in both areas of my life.

The first and largest stream, elaborated in the first two sections of the book, encompasses a pragmatic approach to our business. Thankfully, my peers have taught me advertently and inadvertently various techniques, skills and business philosophies that resonated with me, which I eagerly adopted and adapted into my professional tool kit. I’ve learned what I perceived to be the best practices and the worst and have grown to understand why a small minority of my fellow registrants do a majority of the business. The reasons for our industry’s extremely high attrition rate have been clearly evident.

You’ll discover a collection of ethical sales techniques, step-by-step methodologies and principled smart tools, written in an easily digested style, which are immediately implementable into your daily business operation to take your practice to a higher level. Along with valuable and commonly misunderstood industry information, you’ll also find practical advice on how to confidently communicate with your clients and help more effectively with their decisions at the appropriate moment during the home transition process. Throughout my career, from which I usually generated a comfortable six figure gross annual income, I’ve practiced and polished these techniques, and without being enslaved by the business or spending a king’s ransom in promotion.

The second smaller, but no less significant stream described in the third section, introduces a more esoteric approach to our industry. The ideas touched upon supported by popular, highly credible forward-thinking leaders in their respective fields may shake your world a little and nudge you down a new path of self-discovery. By providing this information, I hope to help you harmonize the two chief components of your life professional and personal and to understand the source of true happiness. Think of it as a “build it and they will come sort of thing; find personal happiness and watch your business thrive. Since it’s not an exhaustive treatise on any theoretical aspects of life, I’m not promising the ultimate answers to all your life dreams. It’s designed simply as an overture, a whetting of your appetite, if you will, to delve further into the examination of self and to appreciate the wonderful mysteries of life.

“Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof.” John Kenneth Galbraith

If success remains elusive, and if your mind’s door is ajar, get ready for at least a sliver of light to penetrate that crack. To change your life, to improve your business, you must think, feel and behave differently. You possess the power of choice to go beyond the self-imposed and perpetually rationalized limiting boundaries of your personal no-grow comfort zone. I invite you to empower yourself to attract more positive people into your network, hence improve and enlarge your sphere of influence along with your income. Unbolt your mind and open your heart, for if you glean just one new idea just one then I respectfully suggest that your choice to invest both a pittance of your money and time will have been a judicious one. If you’re not a seeker of knowledge while in the stream of life, you’re just treading water. And we all know what eventually happens with no or slow progress exhaustion and unhappiness. What’s the solution? Learn how to swim in your life stream and float happily down Victory River with a long and rewarding career.

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” John Ruskin

We work to live not live to work. Actually, we live to love, but I’ll get to that later. By being the best you can be, the most skillful in your endeavour and by loving yourself, your life and what you do with it, you’ll happily begin every new day with a spring in your step. It’s my hope that you undergo a life paradigm shift, a delicate and gradual metamorphosis wherein your attitude about life in general and business in particular rallies to the point where you become a “people magnet”. I pray you join the ranks of an exponentially growing body of happy people who share the belief in a more kind, loving and compassionate world.

Do you believe in serendipity? Was finding this book purely coincidental? They say the appropriate teacher arrives when the student is ready. Are you ready for change? It’s my sincere wish that our quality time together brings something good and loving into your life and the lives of those around you. May you live long and prosper!

 “In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don't try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present.” Lao Tzu

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