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I need a favour from you.

Would you participate in a brief ask campaign?

To help you with your real estate needs, I wish to be on-target with by offering more in-demand services and/or products.

Simply expressed, I want to know what you want.

I've been writing about real estate throughout my highly successful nearly 44 year career, and extensively for since 2009. Your wonderful responses to my efforts over the years (which, by the way, has been international in scope and measures in the hundreds of thousands!) has been most gratifying. As a matter of fact, at the time of writing, according to Alexa, a leader in website actionable analytics, this site is apparently in the top 3% and improving!

Now that I've finally retired from active duty as a real estate broker, I've come to the conclusion that I wish to continue to help people. Frankly, with my highly honed real estate skills, accumulated knowledge and practiced expertise, I feel I have much to offer.

I realize buyers and sellers always have real estate related questions, most of which are promptly answered by a competent real estate agency at the appropriate time. However, sometimes, consumers prefer to go it alone without an agent, and/or take preemptive action before beginning the agent interview process, home search or property evaluation. And I thought I might be able to provide some answers.

I wrote The Happy Agent as a guide for Realtors interested in enhancing their practice and building a better life. I also designed it for buyers and sellers who might feel compelled to trade in real estate without professional assistance, and prefer to learn more about real estate techniques, skills and common procedures.

I actually have related books in the works specifically targeted to home sellers and buyers, with all the ins and outs of buying and selling realty. However, maybe there's something more, some other way I can serve. So, who better to invite to participate in a brief ask campaign than my valued guests?

Could I impose upon you to share with me what type of real estate information, service or product you would personally find valuable enough to purchase from me? What more can I do for you? Considering the huge money involved in the sale and purchase of real estate, maybe I can save you the really big bucks or something even more valuable - your time.

Would a relatively inexpensive telephone or video-chat appointment, email exchange or personal consulting service be of assistance to you? Or maybe a down-loadable e-book full of realty trading tips? Advice on subjects such as how to prepare a home for market and enhance its real estate market value.

Or for a buyer, I could advise on how to handle a competitive bidding war, or offer guidance on how to choose an agent, or even refer one to you. Maybe you would like some tips on how to buy or sell a home privately. Or maybe you'd appreciate having the ability to conveniently purchase real estate trading tools or other real estate books here.

Real Estate Service and Product Ask Campaign

I invite you to complete the questionnaire below with your ideas. Thanks very much for your help. I truly appreciate any suggestions you can offer.

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