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Does advertising to highly targeted real estate buyers, sellers and realty agents sound like a good idea for your business?

Do you operate a business that depends on supplying goods and services to buyers and sellers of real estate? For example, are you a mortgage broker or institutional lender, a home inspection company, realty lawyer or closing service, accountant, appraiser, home stager, insurance agent/company, house cleaner or a household goods mover?

Do you provide well-drilling or septic system service? Are you a custom home builder, architect, designer or general construction contractor? Or does your company manufacturer or retail major appliances or home improvement materials? Or central vacuum systems? Or home security systems? When it comes to home services and suppliers, the list is virtually endless.

I invite you to promote your business on this established and highly-targeted information site for consumers and real estate agents.

Having enjoyed a highly successful four decade career as a salesman and broker, brokerage owner, manager, trainer and mentor, as well as a published author and regular contributor to Real Estate Monthly (REM), Canada's premier national trade newspaper, I delve into everyday issues regarding the acquisition and disposition of real property - city, suburban and rural, freehold and condominium - from the perspective of buyers, sellers and realty agents. My book, The Happy Agent, is currently the number one Google search result by title and is available almost everywhere print and/or e-books are sold.

Exclusive Site Sponsorship

The Exclusive Advertising Valuee Of Realty-Voice.Com Sponsorship offers the exclusive opportunity for sponsors who wish to capitalize on a considerable volume of highly targeted traffic. Guests with real estate on their minds, many of whom are no doubt planning to buy or sell property in the near future, and who regularly return for more valuable advice, will need related products and services.

Reach visitors before they buy or sell.

There are many offline ways to advertise your home inspection, legal, contracting, household moving or other realty-related services. The common route is still to place ads in the numerous free, glossy magazines, newspapers or brochures that visitors sometimes stumble across. (Or one could rely solely on a company website for new business, but traffic volume is often very low.) Nevertheless, by the time an ad appears in print, the prospect may have already chosen their critical service or material provider. And the day after your expensive ad appears in the paper, your company name has already begun the descent into the memory mists of time. Consumers tend to have short memories.

Then there's continuous Internet advertising.

When it comes to reaching consumers planning to buy or sell, newspapers and magazines are transient, fractionally-targeted, limited in scope, short-lived and geographically restricted.

The biggest disadvantage, though, of offline print media is that it usually reaches your audience at a time when most are likely not considering a home purchase or sale. On the Web, your advertising reaches a highly targeted audience specifically when they're searching for real estate information and related services.

The right website has the power to reach those highly-targeted customers - and more of them - all the time. It takes persistent, repetitive and positive exposure by a trusted knowledgeable authority to deliver the results that your advertising dollars have long sought.

Why Advertise With

It's common knowledge these days that the vast majority (nearly all) of home buyers and sellers regularly research online. Most consumers are typically Web-savvy and most of our guests are from Canada and The United States, though our site boasts many visitors from around the globe.

Our site patiently and persistently waits, ready to reach your future customer when they're in the research phase. And these are exactly the visitors you want. You now have the opportunity to reach them exclusively, giving you a strong edge over your competition.

They are the audience you want to reach.

There are limited sponsorship opportunities with We're now seeking a small number of quality partners - on a category-exclusive basis - who want to create win-win-win (you-visitor-us) promotional partnerships. Why are we limiting the available opportunities? The philosophy is simple; we prefer to maintain our solid reputation as being a reliable and honest information source to discriminating consumers who prefer to avoid highly commercial websites choked with irrelevant advertising.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Rates is accepting a limited number of sponsorships on an exclusive basis in each category (home stager, home inspector, home appraiser, realty lawyer, closing service provider, construction contractor, mortgage broker, mortgage lender, accountant, home insurance agent or company, septic and well service technician, home moving company, home improvement supplier, etc, or the relative national, provincial or state associations or franchise).

If you believe your company could benefit from associating with our brand (and critically, we agree), we invite you to submit an inquiry. But be forewarned; you must truly have an excellent related product or service as we will not associate with a company that could result in visitors receiving inferior service or products.

It takes years to establish a great reputation, and moments to lose it.

Sponsorship rates are based on traffic volume, site-wide or specific pages, value to the sponsor and ad format, size and page prominence or position.

Contact us by completing the form below. Together, we can build a program that will build your brand and market your product or service straight to your prospective customer.

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